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saw: incredibles 2

A gentle but persistent criticism of Incredibles 2 is that it’s more action-packed than it is emotionally charged compared with its predecessor—an ironic appraisal, given that the same thing was said about The Incredibles in 2004 vis-à-vis its Pixar antecedents. (It’s a little bit like when people bemoaned big-box stores supplanting independent bookshops in the nineties—and now bemoan Amazon visiting the same indignity upon ye olde neighborhood Barnes and Noble.) It’s true that Brad Bird’s sequel is glib in that way that sequels sometimes are—fewer revelations, more callbacks; but it must be observed that the set pieces are absolutely electric, lustrous and inventive, and the movie is tremendously audience-pleasing even if it is a bit thinly premised. As far as Pixar sequels go, this is more of a Finding Dory than it is a Toy Story 2 or 3—but its solid B+ pleasures won’t wreck the GPA.

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