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watching: the marvelous mrs. maisel

Amy Sherman-Palladino gave us six great seasons of Gilmore Girls but her follow-up projects have been a mixed bag. The Return of Jezebel James was stridently, unwatchably stillborn. Bunheads was a magic-realist delight that ABC Family starved and scheduled out of existence. The Gilmore Girls revival had Netflix’s largesse behind it but wound up flailing due to a decade-long offset from Sherman-Palladino’s original plans for the series. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, however, may well be her crowning achievement. Sherman-Palladino’s joy at creating a fast-talking mid-century milieu is palpable, and Amazon’s evident willingness to bankroll the production’s lavish setting is a relief. Also a relief: a second season is already on the docket, so audiences will be blessed with Sherman-Palladino’s full vision for the series before Amazon goes all-in on Lord of the Rings.

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